Strategy and business model

Hemsö’s strategy is to invest in major cities, with a focus on entering into long-term lease agreements with predominantly public-sector tenants. The aim is that the business model will generate long-term stable returns.

Contributing to excellent public services

Public services can be conducted under public or private management and are usually the responsibility of the municipality, county council or the state. Hemsö creates added value for these operators by providing efficient property management and premises that are suitable for their specific purpose.

Long-term relationships with our tenants

We build mutual trust and solid, long-term relationships based on an understanding of our tenants' needs and the operations that they conduct in our premises. Hemsö contributes to the good of society by providing suitable premises that:

  • create conditions to allow an operation to function successfully
  • provide flexibility in order to meet changing needs
  • are designed to make people feel at home