Long-standing collaborations with municipal and independent schools form the basis for Hemsö's unique expertise in school environments. Hemsö currently manages 136 school properties and completes the construction of several new schools every year.


School properties is Hemsö's second largest property category, accounting for 35 per cent of the total property value at year-end. Hemsö owns 136 school properties. In Sweden, public tenants accounted for 59 per cent of the contracted annual rent and private tenants for 41 per cent. In Finland, public tenants accounted for 96 per cent and in Germany all school properties are leased to public tenants.


Demand for school premises in the major metropolitan areas and the most rapidly growing regional towns is deemed to be high due to population growth. This property category has grown relatively rapidly and now represents a significant share of the market for properties for public use. Unlike nursing homes, demand for school premises is slightly difficult to predict since the size of age groups can vary.