Nursing homes

Hemsö is Sweden’s largest owner of nursing homes, and is also a key player in the sector in Germany. Over ten years we have built up a sound understanding of what is needed to create, safe, secure and well-functioning surroundings for care of the elderly.


Nursing homes is Hemsö's largest property category, accounting for 38 per cent of the property value at year-end. Hemsö owns 238 nursing home properties, with 117 located in Sweden, 43 in Finland and 78 in Germany. In Sweden, public tenants accounted for 68 per cent of the contracted annual rent at year-end and private tenants for 32 per cent. In Finland, public tenants represented 20 per cent of the contracted annual rent and private tenants for 80 per cent. Hemsö has only private tenants in Germany.


Demand for nursing homes is steadily rising in Swedish municipalities due to the increasing number of the elderly. The number of people over the age of 80 is now at some 500,000 and is expected to rise by about one-third over the next ten years. The number of the elderly in Finland and Germany is also expected to increase sharply in the years ahead, fuelling demand for nursing homes.

Hemsö's expertise

Hemsö has long experience of owning, managing and developing nursing homes. Together with tenants and with the user in mind, Hemsö creates premises that support tenant operations. For tenants, this presents an opportunity to utilise Hemsö's combined know-how in creating attractive nursing homes that maintain a high level of quality, are space and cost-efficient and that meet current and future demands for the design of nursing homes.