Health care

Hemsö provides pleasant, functional and flexible health care premises. We have developed health care premises together with our tenants over many years and we have in-depth understanding of what is needed to create pleasant, functional and flexible premises.


Health care premises accounted for 15 per cent of Hemsö's total property value at year-end. Hemsö owns 63 properties in this category, the majority in Sweden. In Sweden, public tenants accounted for 80 per cent of the contracted annual rent and private tenants for 20 per cent. In Finland, public tenants accounted for 94 per cent and private tenants for 6 per cent. 


Demand for local heath care services is deemed to increase in the long term, primarily in the major metropolitan areas since the large accident and emergency hospitals are redefining emergency treatment and are referring more patients to local health care providers. Demand for health care premises is also generally rising in line with a growing population, new treatment options and number of elderly.