Legal sector

Hemsö has extensive experience in providing premises to the police authorities and other government agencies with operations in the legal system.


Properties for the legal sector accounted for eight per cent of Hemsö's total property value at year-end. Hemsö owns 16 properties whereof 11 in Sweden, four in Germany and one in Finland. The buildings house premises for the police, the Prison and Probation Service, courts of law and the Prosecution Authority. Government agencies comprise the majority of Hemsö's tenants, accounting for 96 per cent of the contracted annual rent. In Finland and Germany public tenants accounted for 100 per cent.


Demand for new premises is high and a number of new-build properties are planned for forthcoming years. Courts and the police are relocating from older premises to new, more customised premises. The main reason for this trend is the progression towards space-efficient premises and increased security due to the legal system's elevated threat scenario.