ESEF - Hemsö Treasury Oyj

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has developed a technical standard on a uniform electronic reporting format (ESEF). It has been adopted by the European Commission as a delegated regulation.

The regulation will apply to annual and consolidated accounts containing financial statements for financial years beginning on or after 1 January 2021. All issuers that are subject to accounting supervision in accordance with Chapter 16 of the Securities Market Act (2007:528) are covered. In Sweden, however, an exception is made for issuers that only issue bonds with a nominal value exceeding EUR 100 thousand, which is why Hemsö Fastighets AB is not required to report in accordance with ESEF.

In Finland, there is no corresponding exemption rule for the reporting obligation. In January 2021, Hemsö issued a 7-year bond of EUR 500 m through its Finnish subsidiary Hemsö Treasury Oyj, which is listed on the Irish stock exchange Euronext Dublin. Hemsö Treasury Oyj is required to report in accordance with the ESEF standard and publish the annual report on the company's website.

Below are links to an English and Finnish version of Hemsö Treasury Oyj's annual report in XHTML format. For information on corporate governance in the Hemsö Group, please refer to pages 77-80 of the Annual Report of Hemsö Fastighets AB 2021.