Acquisition profile nursing homes

Acquisition profile for nursing homes

Type of Property

  • Nursing homes and residences for the elderly
  • Volume > EUR 5 Million EUR
  • Properties with a small share of commercial and residential space are acceptable (max. 25 %)
  • No specific requirements in terms of building age, technical condition, quality, etc. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis
  • New construction projects, refurbishment and reconstruction of buildings



  • Locations with positive demographic and economic trends
  • Metropolitan areas, only in exceptional cases rural regions
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Preferably located close to medical facilities (hospitals, medical centers, assisted living and daycare centers, etc.)



  • Positive track record, both financially and in terms of quality of care
  • Profit and non-profit organizations acceptable



  • The preference is a lease term of > ten years, but this is not a requirement

To comprehend an offer as such and to assess the existence of prior knowledge of the property, we require the following details regarding the property: address, size, type of use, name of the tenant, key figures of the lease and estimated purchase price.

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