Acquisition profile public buildings

Acquisition profile for public buildings and schools

Type of Property

  • Functional buildings with public infrastructure
  • Single- or multitenant objects preferable with public tenants
  • Sustainable and stable revenue
  • Volume > EUR 5 Million EUR



  • Germany (A-, B- and C-cities) with positive demographic trend
  • Good Infrastructure and local service


Operator and Lease

  • Public tenant (Local authority, state or federal institution) or
  • Private tenant with positive track record, financially, as well as the quality of the business
  • Leases with customary indexation and operating costs regulation
  • The preference is a lease term of > ten years, but this is not a requirement  


To comprehend an offer as such and to assess the existence of prior knowledge of the property, we require the following details regarding the property: address, size, type of use, name of the tenant, key figures of the lease and estimated purchase price.

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