Employees are important for a successful Hemsö. Everyone who works at Hemsö is a passionate expert – our goal is to make the world a little bit better every day. We want our colleagues, tenants and investors to be proud of what we do both today and tomorrow. That is what we believe is the key to an infinitely sustainable workplace and company.

A company where you can grow

Hemsö aims to be an employer that can retain and develop employees, and attract new colleagues. Culture and sustainability are important to us and by that, we don’t only mean values, but also a permissive culture that genuinely allows employees to test their ideas and dare to make mistakes. Our culture is characterised of accountability, flexibility and a passion for the social value that Hemsö helps to create. The ability for employees to shape the direction of their work with new ideas and suggestions is something that characterises our environment. It lays the foundation for committed and motivated employees. As a basis for professional development, all employees have an individual development plan that is established together at their annual performance review.  Every year, Hemsö measures aspects such as the experience of competence development. In the latest employee survey, 88 per cent responded positively and 12 per cent neutrally to the question ‘Are you able to develop in your role?’

Leadership is important to us. Strong leaders who can motivate, develop and support their colleagues is our leadership philosophy. Management days with a focus on leadership are held every year. When recruiting new managers, Hemsö’s leadership competencies guide the selection of candidates.

Company of the year 2023

Universum named Hemsö ‘Career Company of the Year’ for the seventh consecutive year. A stamp of quality indicating that the jury rates Hemsö as one of the top 100 companies in Sweden when it comes to offering development and career opportunities to its employees.

Hemsö has also been named one of the best employers in the service organization category in the Employer of the Year award in Brilliant Future's annual Brilliant Awards - Employee Experience.

Code of Conduct 

Hemsö’s Code of Conduct describes how our values, visions, obligations and expectations guide our everyday actions, and provides guidance for employees and other stakeholders. In 2020, all employees completed training in Hemsö’s Code of Conduct. Hemsö has a whistleblowing system at hemso.se that guarantees complete anonymity for reporters. The new system makes it easier for internal and external stakeholders to make anonymous reports of suspected unethical behaviour or irregularities in the company’s operations. To reduce the risk of corruption, there are procurement procedures and signature authority rules. Any cases of non-compliance are handled according to a special procedure and reported to the Board.

Health and balance

Hemsö aims to be a health leader by taking a proactive approach to health and well-being at work. Hemsö promotes a work-life balance, opportunities for exercise and a long-term focus on health. All employees are offered physical activity subsidies and regular health checks. Hemsö’s Workplace Handbook guides the handling of occupational health and safety (OHS) issues. The starting point is to ensure systematic OHS management in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Diversity and inclusion

Variation in terms of gender, age and background is important for Hemsö’s development and competitiveness. The company has a gender balance with 47 per cent women and 53 per cent men. The distribution at senior management level is 40 per cent women and 60 per cent men. However, we are still not satisfied. We are constantly striving to improve diversity by recruiting people from a broad range of backgrounds with a wide variety of experience. Hemsö’s view is that all people are equal, and that everyone should have the same opportunities for development regardless of sex, ethnic origin, cultural background or age. Hemsö has a zero tolerance approach to harassment and takes clear preventive measures. We measure and monitor these issues regularly in, for example, the employee survey.