Environment and climate

Our properties shall be safe, secure and healthy for both people and the environment. Our environmental performance is measured in relation to such areas as energy consumption, choice of materials, waste, water use and obviously our emissions, which cover a number of environmental aspects.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

An important process for achieving sustainable development of the property portfolio is to continuously improve the energy performance of the properties. Hemsö maintains a high rate of investment in measures and development projects designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. An energy inventory is carried out for all properties in Sweden and the company’s target is 3 per cent lower energy consumption per year than the comparable portfolio. Our development projects have a strong focus on renewable energy, including photovoltaic systems and geothermal energy. Hemsö currently has over 42 properties with photovoltaic systems, and more are planned. 

Climate strategy

Efforts to fight climate change include how the company’s activities are affecting the climate and how climate change will affect the company. The latter issue is part of preventive measures and risk management in property management, as well as development projects and acquisitions. In 2019 and 2020, Hemsö introduced systematic carbon footprint calculations for all new construction and we are also developing an action plan to help us achieve the targets of our climate strategy. Alongside of this, we are gathering knowledge and practical experience by participating in a pilot project as part of the new net zero certification scheme launched by SGBC in 2020. We have joined Fossil Free Sweden and LFM30 to share our experience with other companies that also have high climate ambitions. Every year, Hemsö prepares an inventory of its GHG emissions according to the GHG Protocol Standard. Hemsö’s targets include:

  • 100 per cent fossil-free energy consumption and net-zero emissions for the existing property portfolio by 2035
  • To make an inventory of the climate change risks related to our properties and take any necessary actions to avoid negative impacts
  • Reduce total GHG emissions for new construction and large-scale refurbishment projects
  • Promote development in the area of climate-smart and sustainable buildings by focusing on new technological solutions
  • Climate-neutral travel

Environmental certifications

Hemsö uses environmental certification as a tool for ensuring that important criteria linked to environmental and social sustainability in our buildings have been met. This includes high standards for energy performance and indoor environment, as well as choice of materials with regard to human health and environmental impacts. Read more about our certifications.

Sweden's first ZeroCO2-certified nursing home

The Sköndalsvillan nursing home in Tyresö is a pilot project for Sweden Green Building Councils' (SGBC) new certification NollCO2 and will also be certified according to Miljöbyggnad Guld. Climate impact according to NollCO2 includes greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction of raw materials, transport and manufacturing as well as greenhouse gas emissions caused by the building's energy and water use. The part of the climate debt that remains after climate-smart measures have been carried out is climate-compensated through, for example, wind power or photovoltaic systems.