Society and our responsibility

As Sweden’s largest private owner of public properties, we have a major responsibility to conduct sustainable and responsible business and to, wherever we can, promote the development of our industry and our property segment.

For us, responsible business includes the environment, community engagement, business ethics and long-term relationships with customers, financiers and employees. By devoting time and resources to R&D projects and by participating in and contributing to various forums and organisations, we aim to take part in and promote positive and sustainable social development. We participate in a number of forums and organisations, including LFM30, SGBC, Forum Bygga Skola, Seniorvärlden and Forum Vårdbyggnad. 

Systematic OHS management

Hemsö believes that all people should be treated as equals, and that all Hemsö employees should have the same opportunities, rights and obligations. Hemsö conducts systematic OHS management and maintains a long-term focus on workplace health. We have a responsibility to our customers, which includes meeting quality and sustainability expectations and maintaining good business ethics.

Code of Conduct

Hemsö does not tolerate corruption or unethical behaviour. Corresponding values and principles are also expected from suppliers, business partners and other partners. To reduce the risk of corruption, Hemsö has procurement procedures and signature authority rules. The Code describes how our values, visions, obligations and expectations guide our everyday actions, and provides guidance for employees and other stakeholders. Our whistleblowing system makes it easy for internal and external stakeholders to make anonymous reports of suspected unethical behaviour or irregularities in the company’s operations. To reduce the risk of corruption, there are procurement procedures and signature authority rules. 

Community engagement

As a long-term owner, property manager and developer of public properties, Hemsö has a strong commitment to social sustainability. We make a solid contribution to the creation of new nursing home beds, and to school places from preschool up to college. Hemsö also participates in various partnerships and research projects. In collaboration with other property companies and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp, we are participating in a project with Vinnova that focuses on green outdoor environments and their significance for the workplace environment. The aim is to develop a tool for assessing and developing qualitative outdoor environments, based on a model for rest and recovery in the workplace. The goal is to boost the well-being and performance of students and employers. 


Through sponsorship, we also contribute to organisations that are working in various ways to create a more sustainable society. Every year, our own initiative the Hemsö Gift (Hemsögåvan) is awarded to people in our properties with the aim of facilitating and enriching their daily lives.