Information regarding bonds no. 104 and no. 105 issued under Hemsö’s MTN programme


On 20 January 2014, Hemsö issued two bonds (no. 104 and no. 105) under its MTN programme, both with the repayment date of 20 June 2017. The bonds were accepted for trading on Nasdaq Stockholm’s corporate bond list on the same day as they were issued.

Without Hemsö’s knowledge, the bonds were erroneously delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm’s corporate bond list for reasons not attributable to Hemsö. Hemsö has been in contact with Nasdaq Stockholm and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and is now taking the necessary measures to ensure that the bonds are re-listed as soon as possible on Nasdaq Stockholm’s corporate bond list. For formal reasons, a new prospectus will be produced in conjuntion with the listing.