Hemsö starts Ljuslyftet, an innovative lighting project, at the Raoul Wallenberg School in Solna


Hemsö is investing just over SEK 1 million in a pilot project in digitalisation and light environments at the Raoul Wallenberg School (RWS) in Järvastaden, Solna, Sweden. A dynamic lighting system will be tested, in which the brightness and colour of the lighting can be varied. The aim is to improve the concentration ability and study results of the students.

In partnership with RWS, Hemsö wants to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s school environments and is starting a lighting project in partnership with the lighting company Signify (formerly Phillips Lighting). In Signify’s first major project in Sweden, the Dynalite system, which enables dynamic lighting, will be installed in a school. The ability to bring natural daylight dynamics into the classroom will help to keep students motivated and engaged.

“We consider this a key investment in the creation of sustainable and effective school environments. We want to be at the forefront and put research findings that promote student learning in our schools into practice. We are also working with the ‘Skolgårdslyftet’ project, where we upgrade school playground environments to promote better learning,” says Nils Styf, CEO of Hemsö.

The aim of the pilot project is to create a new type of classroom lighting that will improve student motivation and study outcomes. This could eventually be installed in other schools that are owned and developed by Hemsö. Hemsö owns just over 100 preschools and elementary schools in Sweden, spread across the entire country.

One-year studies were conducted in Signify’s SchoolVision programme at the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany. Compared with children in classrooms with normal lighting, the SchoolVision studies showed improved levels of concentration and alertness in the children. In addition, the students’ reading speed increased and they made fewer mistakes.

  • Reading speed increased almost 35 per cent
  • Error frequency declined almost 45 per cent
  • Hyperactive behaviour decreased 76 per cent

“At RWS, we are continuously developing our teaching strategies to help improve students’ ability to concentrate and learn. We are therefore very proud of this innovative lighting project that is taking place in one of our schools. If the results are successful, we will gradually contribute to installation of the technology in our other schools,” says Eva Arfwedson, Deputy CEO of RWS.

“We know that light affects us and here in the Nordic region, we are usually focused on the lack of light. The awareness of light and how it affects us has increased recently, and the fact that Hemsö is working together with RWS in a school setting, which has a direct link with our future, feels very satisfying,” says Robert Fredriksson, Key Account Manager, Signify.

The project will be evaluated after about one year, followed by an assessment of whether the initiative should be continued.

Read more at www.ljuslyftet.se


About RWS

Raoul Wallenbergskolorna (the Raoul Wallenberg Schools) is an independent school group undergoing strong growth. The Group’s mission is to offer students and parents a cohesive school environment from preschool through to Year 9 of elementary school. RWS has clear values, inspired by Raoul Wallenberg and his work. The schools aim to give children and students the best possible start in life by fostering both knowledge and character.

About Signify

Signify is the new company name of Phillips Lighting. Signify is a world leader in connected LED lighting systems, software and services. The company’s innovations unlock the extraordinary potential of light to create brighter lives and a better world.


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David Magnusson, Project Manager, Hemsö  +46 (0)8-501 170 17

Eva Arfwedson, Deputy CEO, RWS  +46 (0)70-858 05 99

Robert Fredriksson, KAM, Signify  +46 (0)72-743 66 55